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    Top 5 'Adhuri Kahanis' of Television

    Indian television hosts some of the most romantic shows but not all love stories have a happy ending. Yes, some stories are left incomplete.
    Here is a list of some couples who do not have a happy ending.
    Mihir and Mihika - Ye Hai Mohabbatein

    Mihir and Mihika get engaged and start loving each other. But Ashok blackmails Mihika and forces her to marry him! After this incident Mihir starts hating her and their love is lost. The writers have to put plot twists everywhere! TRP kaise milega?!

    Nisha and Viraj - Nisha Aur Uske Cousins

    Nisha loves Viraj and in order to get closer to him she creates a fake identity and they exchange messages via E-mail. Only, Viraj falls in love with the girl he spoke to on the internet and then eventually Nisha's truth is exposed in front of the media by Viraj├ó€™s bua. Now, as Viraj is a Jaipuri prince gets insulted and hates Nisha even more! DUDE! She is the same girl you spoke to on the computer!

    Ragini and Lakshya - Swaragini

    Initially they are supposed to get married but then Lakshya falls for Swara. This leads to problems in their relationship and hence the wedding is called off which leaves Ragini heartbroken. She still loves Lakshya who doesn't acknowledge her feelings. Their love is lost.

    Jagdish and Anandi - Balika Vadhu

    Jagdish was married to Anandi as a child. Later when he is out of town for studies he meets another girl and marries her. When Anandi gets to know about this she is destroyed from within. Later when Jagdish realises his mistake and also his love for Anandi, He comes back to find out that Anandi has moved on and that ends their relationship as lovers

    Anurag and Prerna- Kasautii Zindagii Kay

    We will never be able to forget this 'awesome' show ever! This show was the mother of all shows! Anurag and Prerna were separated at least a dozen times due to numerous reasons. They got back together every time except for the last time they were separated, Anurag died. After several years Prerna passed away. They did unite after death though!
    With the writers of shows becoming creative day by day we are thankful that they didn't put a 'fairy god-mother' in these shows who would solve their crisis with the flick of a wand!
    source: tellybuzz